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Warm welcome to your website. Customers are our prime guests and we want to make sure that you receive the attention you deserve.


Our Customers

We serve a wide spectrum of customers from small scale to MNCs. We treat all of them with respect and care and fulfil their orders with quality and on time. We know customer care is the backbone of any business.


Packaging products

We know packaging. We are here to meet all your packaging needs. Just ask us.


United Packaging Company started with a sole purpose to provide packing solutions to a wide variety of products – Electronics, Glass, Electrical, Bulbs, Food and Beverages, Medicines including bulk packaging for transportation. The company is fully owned and operated by Woman Entrepreneurs. The company has the expertise and the infrastructure to provide end to end packaging solutions to any type of industry. Customer satisfaction is our motto and we take that seriously. We believe in a strong and long term customer relationship which helps both of us to grow together.


Slotted Carton

The RSC is made from a single sheet of board, where the outer flaps meet at the centre of the box.

Overlap Container

The overlap contains is made from a sheet of board, where the outer flaps overlaps each other.


These are intersecting sheets of corrugated board that are used to separate items within a box.

Die Cut Boxes

Innovative and unique box designs can be created by the use of specifically designed dies.